Rent to Own or 90 day same as Cash

Cheaper Than Renting a Storage Unit

Located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we partner with dealers to make rent-to-own available to customers across the eastern United States. Whether you're a dealer or customer, our professional and courteous staff is here to help you find a better solution.

Our rent-to-own service provides our customers with an easy solution for their storage needs. Why drive across town when you could rent an attractive shed right in your back yard, and at about the same price per square foot as the self-storage unit? And upon successfully completing rental agreement, our customers take ownership of the portable building with no additional out of pocket expense.

We provide rent-to-own solutions for:

  • Portable storage sheds

  • Small detached garages

  • Gazebos

  • Playhouses

  • Livestock shelters

Best features are that it doesn't touch your fico score.

Small payments for 24 or 36 months

Easy application online ..Everyone is approved 

with a valid Driver's license

How does rent-to-own work?

Rent-to-own is an affordable way to get the attractive backyard building you want - but without the large lump sum expense. The low up front cost makes it easy to get started. The monthly rental payments are kept low to fit your budget. After making the final rental payment, you take ownership of the building. It's that easy.


Can I take ownership of the building before the end of my rental agreement?

Yes. You may exercise an early purchase option (EPO) at any time. SmartPay offers an EPO discount to all customers who are up-to-date on their rental payments. Just contact our office and our staff will provide the EPO price to you. The EPO price must be paid in one payment within 3 business days of our providing you with this price. If a monthly rental payment is due between the time you call and the date you would like to make this single payment, you must first pay the monthly rent. The EPO price will change with each rental payment, so it is important to contact us before making the payment.


Is there a penalty to purchase early?

No, there is not. In fact, SmartPay offers a discount on the future rent due on your rental agreement.

Do I need to pay a deposit on the rent-to-own agreement?

Yes. As is typical with most rental agreements, we ask for a security deposit up front for performance of the terms of our rental agreement. Upon completion of our agreement, you may request a refund of the security deposit. Or you may apply it toward the purchase price of the building.

What if I want to move the building to another location?

To move a building to another location, contact our office with the new address. Moving must be done by an authorized SmartPay dealer. We will contact the dealer and authorize them to move the building for you. You are responsible for all the costs of moving the building.


What is the interest rate I'm paying?

Rent-to-own is a rental agreement with the option to purchase. It is not a loan. Therefore, there is no interest or principle. You are simply paying rent until you exercise the option to take ownership.




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